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Our Mission

Did you ever have one of those cool teachers, who just “got it?”

They could break down what seemed to be difficult concepts and relate them in a way that made you go “Aha, I get it.”

When it comes to the market, that’s our mission.

We want to show the average American who has been kept in the dark - the small account trader who’s been told that managing your own financial future is too difficult or too complicated - and shed light on the realities that can change their future.

As you’ll discover, most of those “aha” moments have to do with using options.

As you’ll discover, most of those “aha” moments have to do with using options.

And while it’s certainly true that options can be risky or complicated, you’ll find that so much of what is taught about this powerful instrument is smoke and mirrors.

In fact, in almost every stock investment strategy you can imagine, options can be used to protect yourself and limit risk when you understand how to use even the simplest of options techniques.

Think about that “aha” moment alone: Options are known for giving you aggressive upside (which they do) and the same instrument can actually be used to protect your capital or give you downside protection. In other words, you can increase profit potential and limit risk at the same time. That, alone, is a unique advantage when it comes to investing.

Politics: Inflation and Interest Rates

These days it seems that everyone is holding their breath to find out what’s going to happen with inflation and which direction the wind is going to blow for the Fed when it comes to interest rates.

Being prepared for any and all outcomes with a strategic game plan gives you a level of comfort that very few investors have.

It’s more important than ever to have these tools at your disposal.

The Looming Housing Market Crash

The housing market has been experiencing record highs for nearly two years. Analysts have been predicting another correlating crash for longer than that. And if you’re a student of historic economic trends, you might recall the Great Recession of 2008. The bursting of the housing bubble, coupled with the subsequent global financial crisis caused widespread panic, but also created massive upside potential for those who were prepared.

We are rapidly approaching the tipping point where this bubble will burst again. Are you ready this time?

It starts with the actions of individuals striving to make the most of what they have, day by day.
FinTech and EV are the Next Wave

We now find ourselves living in an era of electric vehicles, cryptocurrencies, and a banking system that is quickly becoming unrecognizable.

Major automotive brands like Chevy, and Ford, are dedicating massive resources to developing their EV lineups.

EV companies are poised to secure massive government contracts on the back of the current administration's green initiatives, and sweeping infrastructure plans.

Big banks that once balked at cryptos, are now spending millions building out their own crypto platforms so that they don’t get left behind. CEOs like Morgan Stanley’s James Gorman recently stated, “I don’t think crypto’s a fad, I don’t think it’s going away.”

He’s right. Crypto isn’t going anywhere.

That’s because analysts have run the projections and know that cryptos’ underlying technologies like blockchain are powerful tools in the world of banking security and fraud prevention. Whether we like it or not, the way the world banks is going to change, sooner than later.

If banks can leverage blockchain to better prevent and mitigate data breaches, and save millions in potential losses, they’re going to use it.

Preparing for an entirely new economy sounds like a big ordeal, but by understanding a few key underlying currents, you can be a step ahead!

It’s about identifying the entrepreneurs, technologies, and companies that will have a tremendous impact on the future.
The Ultimate Advantage: Adaptability

Thing is, typically underlying stocks, metals and bonds are like flathead screwdrivers. Sure they work, but only for a limited job, and scope.

Options on the other hand, are like the swiss army knife of investments. Whether the market is moving up, down, or sideways… With the right strategy, options can be deployed to better mitigate your risks, and maximize your upside potential.

The insiders and market makers have known this for years and have enjoyed an unfair advantage over the rest of us. It’s about time to flip this game on its head.

Our mission is to take everything I’ve learned in 30 years of options trading, and break it down into simple to digest, easy to implement strategies so that you can navigate whatever this new market throws your way with unparalleled success.